Virtual’s Approach: Shifting spend to provide best in class services

Utilizing Artificial Intellegence as an Agent Support tool

Several “AI” solutions have been released in 2021 aimed at providing the most accurate answer to a Customers inquiry

The basics:

“Ai” listens to a call or reads the customers printed text to derive key words to search a knowledge management system or your companies website for potential solutions. The proposed solution is presented to the Agent who chooses the solution provided, or not, or to modify the solution based on the unique needs of the customer.

For one client this automation approach provides 50% of their customers with a solution without engaging a human; quickly, accurately and with the “knowledge” of when to send the more difficult situations to a human for resolution

*Note: Agent Assist AI requires a team size of 50+ to be cost effective

The results:

Average Handle Time reduced 8-10%

Accuracy of Answer improved 8-12%

Customer Satisfaction improved 10%+

Work from Anywhere

Recent advancements in cloud based contact center solutions allows Virtual to provide services from anywhere.

Virtual takes the funds that would be spent on office space, rack servers, support personal and puts those monies to use utilizing cutting edge technology. Depending on your specific needs the computer an Agent uses may be the size of a large cell phone, locked down through a 5G modem of the same size, with noise reducing headphones/software and the Artificial Intelligence software mentioned above

Economies of scale

Prior to 2020 most Contact Centers would require team sizes of 150+ to optimize spend. With advancements in Work Force Management software that provides a more accurate forecast, scheduled and eventual real time management Virtual can bring economies of scale to teams of 80+

One thought on “Virtual’s Approach: Shifting spend to provide best in class services

  1. Virtual’s approach of shifting spend to provide best-in-class services reflects a strategic and forward-thinking mindset. By reallocating resources, they prioritize investing in top-notch solutions and talent to deliver exceptional services to their clients. This approach enables Virtual to stay competitive in a dynamic market and continuously improve customer experiences. By focusing on quality and innovation, they aim to exceed client expectations and foster long-lasting partnerships. As they optimize their spending, Virtual ensures that their clients receive the utmost value, positioning themselves as a reliable and trusted partner in the industry.

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