The Virtual BPO Approach to Customer Engagement

The cost of acquiring a customer is 3X the cost of retaining a customer.
Customer centric organisations outperform the S&P 500 by a factor of 2.5x

While statements such as these and similar others are well known in business, few have the experience to drive their performance level to be considered World Class.

Question: How to can organization deliver World Class level of performance?  

Answer: Partner with an Expert who has decades of experience providing World Class service for their client’s customers. Virtual BPO has decades of global experience driving their clients Customer Service, and eventually elevating their Organisation to the top 10% of performers in the World. 

How to make it happen?

Continuous Improvement methodologies have been around for a long time: Plan, Do, Check, Act, Six Sigma, Agile, 5 Whys, Step Methodology and many more. Which one do you use? When to use the current approach? 

How do we know it will work? Is it worth it? 

 The Leadership Team of Virtual BPO has the experience of driving Companies to World Class Performance Levels via Partnership approach for decades. Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. Different Industries, Cultures, and Business Environments. 

How does The Virtual BPO deliver World Class Service to its Partners? 

Utilize a Framework: Our award winning approach to Partnerships

A Framework outlines the results which best deliver: Examples – ISO (Europe), Deming (Japan), Baldridge (United States) and each of these Frameworks have a Continuous Improvement Approach as a key tenant of the Framework.

Step 1 Choose a Framework: Virtual BPO utilizes COPC & SPOT; both are Contact Center Industry Frameworks created specifically to support operations in optimization of their performance.

Step 2 Partner Engagement Framework: Defining each Partners accountabilities of the Relationship.


Virtual BPO has found that a combination of Continuous Improvement methodologies creates World Class results

By applying Plan Do Check Act at the Macro Level, while using Six Sigma/ DMAIC to Optimize at the process level the Virtual BPO team delivers an optimized Customer Experience.


Each 1% improvement had a value of approx $750,000

Use Voice of the Customer to Improve the Company

Customers reach out to have a Need met that was not taken care of at the initial point of engagement. Or, they go to a competitor to have the Need met. 

 Quantify the Drivers of the Reasons for Contact allows the various departments of the Company to drive Cost out of the business.

Virtual BPO’s Partnership approach with our Clients Partner Management Teams support our clients in delivering world class levels of experience for our mutual Customers.